[Merge] ~xnox/ubuntu-seeds/+git/platform:platform-drop-ntfs-3g into ~ubuntu-core-dev/ubuntu-seeds/+git/platform:jammy

Dimitri John Ledkov mp+419962 at code.launchpad.net
Mon Apr 25 13:10:08 UTC 2022

The question is if we want/need ntfs-3g installed in the target system.

Also majority of laptops come presintalled with bitlocker enabled filesystems by default, which as far as i can tell ntfsresize does not know how to resize.
Your team Ubuntu Core Development Team is requested to review the proposed merge of ~xnox/ubuntu-seeds/+git/platform:platform-drop-ntfs-3g into ~ubuntu-core-dev/ubuntu-seeds/+git/platform:jammy.

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