[Merge] ~codyshepherd/livecd-rootfs/+git/livecd-rootfs:buildd-create-tarball-manifests into livecd-rootfs:ubuntu/master

Robert C Jennings robert.jennings at canonical.com
Fri Nov 20 19:52:37 UTC 2020

Review: Needs Fixing

For the manifests generally we drop the file extension and replace with manifest rather than append.  Could I get a change this to write livecd.$PROJECT.rootfs.manifest and livecd.$PROJECT.lxd.manifest?
Your team Ubuntu Core Development Team is requested to review the proposed merge of ~codyshepherd/livecd-rootfs/+git/livecd-rootfs:buildd-create-tarball-manifests into livecd-rootfs:ubuntu/master.

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