[Merge] ~osomon/software-properties:snap-updates-frequency into software-properties:ubuntu/master

Olivier Tilloy olivier.tilloy at canonical.com
Wed Feb 26 19:11:16 UTC 2020

I rebased on the latest updates to the prerequisite branch, and I applied some changes to the spacing and alignment of the updates tab, as requested by mpt:

« First, the menus don’t need to be that wide. (Being that wide suggests
that they contain more complicated items than they really do.) Can you
set a maximum width, enough that all the labels fit (try in German) with
some room to spare? Then the tab contents as a whole can be centered
(maybe setting the left+right margins is a way of doing that), though
with the labels and menus still lined up as they are now.

Second, with the ESM UI, the next label starts “For other packages…”.
This is to emphasise the difference between how updates work for snap
packages (the first line) and how they work for other packages (the next
section). So if/while the ESM UI is not implemented yet, I suggest
achieving the same effect by changing “Subscribed to:” to “For other
packages, subscribe to:”. Incidentally, that will make the connection
between the first and second label more obvious, so the first one will
look less out of place. »
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