[Merge] ~osomon/software-properties:updates-refresh into software-properties:ubuntu/master

Didier Roche didrocks at ubuntu.com
Wed Feb 19 10:23:42 UTC 2020

Review: Needs Information

The basic test cases are all working as expected (including the trick "keep backport but disable security" which goes to custom).

If I try to trick by disabling main in the release pocket but keep it for -security (and others), the selection goes to Custom as expected.
Same if I disable main only for the -security pocket, the selection goes to Custom.

However, if I disable universe for the release pocket and disable it as well for -security, the selection goes from "All updates" to "All security updates". It's a little bit misleading because universe is still enabled here for -updates and -backports, I would rather fallback to custom, wdyt?

This is indeed an edge case, but I feel some of our users will fall into it and we should maybe address it?

Otherwise, I didn’t spot anything else, good work!
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