[Merge] ~ubuntu-core-dev/grub/+git/ubuntu:translation-template-fix into grub:master

Sebastien Bacher seb128 at ubuntu.com
Fri Apr 10 08:27:24 UTC 2020

Sebastien Bacher has proposed merging ~ubuntu-core-dev/grub/+git/ubuntu:translation-template-fix into grub:master.

Commit message:
* debian/patches/gettext,
  - backport upstream patches to fix the list of translated strings,
    reported on the ubuntu-translators mailing list. The changes would
    be overwritten by autoreconf so applying from a rules override.

Requested reviews:
  Julian Andres Klode (juliank)

For more details, see:

See https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-translators/2020-April/007636.html

The patches can't be applied from the series since that would be before autoreconf which overrides the local customizations.

There should be no need to tweak the clean target since that's only patching a generated files and dh_autoreconf should already handle restoring the original version
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