[Bug 1713313] Re: Unable to launch pkexec'ed applications on Wayland session

Jan Claeys 1713313 at bugs.launchpad.net
Sat Dec 9 01:51:53 UTC 2017

Folks, let's all calm down a bit and try to cooperate...

One of the problems here is that several very useful GUI applications
which have always run as root don't have alternatives to replace them,
but also they don't have the developers available to convert to a non-
root frontend + root backend architecture (this is far from a trivial
change to a application!).

Is there any way we can solve this issue *together*, somehow solving the
potential security issues of running a GUI application as root, as well
as preserving the functionality these applications provide for our

Where/how can we find people experienced & willing to do these changes?

Is there any funding available for such conversions?

Instead of blaming each other, please let's work together on a

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  Unable to launch pkexec'ed applications on Wayland session

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