[Bug 1725062] Re: Network Manager Applet can't connect to VPN, but nmtui does

SchizoDuckie schizoduckie at gmail.com
Mon Dec 4 21:50:29 UTC 2017

Same problem here after upgrading.
The "indicator" thingie worked, as in, i can reconnect to my vpn again but now there's new behavior when I come back in the settings screen.

As soon as i change the setting to "store for all users" it displays a
new utf8 question mark icon and jumps to "always ask"

I have to agree with @KrosseKrabbe: this is horrible UX and can benefit
from a simple redesign. Just make it a button. Buttons indicate
something clickable. Icons embedded in a text field annotate the purpose
of the field. I assumed this icon indicated that the password would be
stored in the keyring and it'd never have occured to me to click on it
without the clear instructions in text in this thread.

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  Network Manager Applet can't connect to VPN, but nmtui does

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