[Blueprint 1710-qt-torrent] Discussion about torrent application for 17.10 Qt version

Simon Quigley tsimonq2 at ubuntu.com
Sun Dec 3 01:11:01 UTC 2017

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  === Current candidate ===
  === Proposals with +++ and --- ===
  ideas : https://github.com/Razor-qt/razor-qt/wiki/3rd-party-applications
    ++:Has a qt interface
  -- : Not packaged
   ++quite fast
   ++is also a download manager that works with Firefox/Chrome/ium, unfortunately not Qupzilla.
  ++: Packaged
  ++: Qt5
  ++: Lower resource usage but still full-featured.
  --:  Does/can the UI fit the rest of Lxqt?
  === Discussion ===
  [gilir] This is a comment
  [Baldino] We can stay with Transmission
  [ianorlin]Staying with transmission also works and has a similar interface so not such big jump for users.
  [joern-schoenyan]I've discovered fatrat, which is a combination of BitTorrent and a download manager for FF/Chrome (HTTP, FTP, SFTP etc). Could be a VERY good choice!
  [claydoh] I've used qbittorrent for years now. First tried it out in 2011/2012 while running Lubuntu on both an old netbook and an arm soc board I used as an HTPC for a while. It was the only client that didn't slow the system to a crawl and also had extras such as RSS support.
  [tsimonq2] I'm keeping this open for discussion.
+ Moved to http://phab.lubuntu.me/T14

Discussion about torrent application for 17.10 Qt version

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