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  [amjjawad] Lubuntu 14.04 should be a full LTS: 5 years (April 2014 -
  April 2019) = +1
  Completely agree !
  [vanyok] Absolutely agree. Lubuntu is pretty stable as such but this LTS
  support is especially needed for those who migrated from Win XP and
  don't want to participate in those upgrades every 6 months (working
  organizations as well as my parents :).
  [David Yentzen] Agree completely.  Lubuntu 14.04 should be a 5 year LTS.
  It will enhance Lubuntu's ability to attract former WinXP users.
  5 years. completely agree.
  [joern-schoenyan] That more or less doubles the effort to maintain the
  LTS. I don't think the Lubuntu-Team has the manpower to do this. So -1
  from me.
  [gilir] People who are agree are not the people who will actually
  maintain it. Concidering the people available for maintaining it, 3
  years is already very very very ambitious (and I'm very very very
  [dale-visser] I find myself agreeing with gilir. 5 years would be
  wonderful, but don't over-promise. It would be better to give a 3 year
  LTS term, then you could always do a Microsoft vis a vis Windows XP, and
  extend it to 5 years at a later date.
  [amjjawad] @gilir: if you want to go for 2 years LTS release, that sound
  logical to me if and only if 16.04 will be yet another LTS Release ;) so
  users won't have problem and they could simply upgrade or do fresh new
  install once 16.04 LTS is released.
  [nio] I think we need 3 years of LTS. First of all, upgrade from the
  previous to the next LTS will usually be available 3-4 months after the
  original release, at the first point release in July or August. And
  after that there must be a fair overlap period. 3 years LTS will give us
  8-9 months of overlap, which I think is a suitable period, if 5 years of
  LTS would mean too much work. I think this is so important, that I am
  prepared to volunteer to help with programming, testing or whatever is
  necessary (provided I get a proper introduction).
  [Andre] I know 5 years is good. But too heavy for Lubuntu team... 3
  years with 16.04 LTS would be very good!
+ [Noskcaj] Lubuntu is now a 3 year LTS

Full LTS

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