[Merge] lp:~xnox/ubuntu/trusty/plymouth/private-upstart-socket into lp:ubuntu/plymouth

Dimitri John Ledkov launchpad at surgut.co.uk
Thu Mar 13 02:16:47 UTC 2014

The proposal to merge lp:~xnox/ubuntu/trusty/plymouth/private-upstart-socket into lp:ubuntu/plymouth has been updated.

Commit Message changed to:

* debian/patches/use-upstart-private-socket.patch: instead of using
  system dbus, use private upstart socket in the plymouth-upstart-bridge.
* debian/plymouth.plymouth-upstart-bridge.upstart: start
  plymouth-upstart-bridge on startup, and thus gather a more complete
* debian/patches/dont-bail-on-dummy-terms.patch: don't bail
  plymouth-upstart-bridge if TERM is not set and/or running on a dummy
  terminal, as we can run on those. This makes console-log useful in
  lxc-containers and actually contain messages from upstart jobs
  starting and stopping.
* debian/patches/no-print-empty-description.patch: do not store
  description when dbus returns empty string, and thus stop printing
  empty "Starting... done" messages.
* debian/plymouth.plymouth-upstart-bridge.upstart: update stop on
  conditions to stop when plymouth-shutdown finishes.

For more details, see:
Your team Ubuntu branches is requested to review the proposed merge of lp:~xnox/ubuntu/trusty/plymouth/private-upstart-socket into lp:ubuntu/plymouth.

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