[Merge] lp:~unity-api-team/connectivity-api/ci-testrun into lp:connectivity-api

Didier Roche didrocks at ubuntu.com
Wed Mar 12 08:19:37 UTC 2014

Review done by IRC: This change is fine itself, however, it will need some modification to enter the archive, so maybe use that branch?

09:07:47 didrocks | Wellark: as we try to standardize the packaging, can you move the "Section" stenza just after Priority please?  
                  | (nitpick)                                                                                                       
09:07:59 didrocks | in debian/control                                                                                               
09:09:05 didrocks | Wellark: you're forcing gcc 4.7 because of properties-cpp? :)                                                   
09:09:55 didrocks | Wellark: not sure why are you depending on libdbus-1-dev, shouldn't libdbus-cpp-dev brings it in? (and you only 
                  | use the cpp bindings, right?)                                                                                   
09:10:59 didrocks | Wellark: same, to standardize, can you put recommends after depends?                                            
09:11:15 didrocks | Wellark: also, on Package: libconnectivity-cpp0                                                                 
09:11:25 didrocks | no need to repeat the section as it matches the source one                                                      
09:11:52 didrocks | Wellark: also, please suggest the -doc, not recommends                                                          
09:13:34 didrocks | Wellark: just a note once you will want to enter main: you will need a symbols file                             
09:13:46 didrocks | so bonus point if you add it now :)                                                                             
09:14:42 didrocks | Wellark: your version should be 0.0.1-0ubuntu1 btw in debian/changelog                                          
09:18:46 didrocks | Wellark: your .pc file Requires: dbus-cpp                     
09:19:02 didrocks | so Package: libconnectivity-cpp-dev                           
09:19:13 didrocks | shouldn't dep on libproperties-cpp-dev, but on libdbus-cpp-dev
09:19:22 didrocks | (bonus for trailing stenza)                                   

Your team Ubuntu Core Development Team is requested to review the proposed merge of lp:~unity-api-team/connectivity-api/ci-testrun into lp:connectivity-api.

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