[Blueprint remove-ace-of-penguins] Remove ace-of-penguins (broken game suite)

Julien Lavergne julien.lavergne at gmail.com
Tue Nov 19 14:47:08 UTC 2013

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  [amjjawad] I have set the priority to this suggestion as Medium because
  it has been discussed long time ago and no action has been taken as of
  [Baron] Good replacements might be
  Lincity, a simcity clone. 1435kb install with no new depends.
  Cavez of Phear, a bolder's dash clone. It is an ASCII game, and would need to create a new .desktop file to launch it in a term. 108kb install with no new depends.
  [hardboot] A rather extreme option would be OpenTTD, which many consider a AAA quality simulator, unfortunately it's several MB in size, still worlds smaller than micropolis(sim city classic).
  There's a couple small breakout clones and piles of small puzzles to pick from, chess is another option.
  Minesweeper is so simple a clone could be thrown together, strangely most have monster deps, or are dead.
  sopwith, pacman, pong, breakout, xinv, xscorch are some smallish options, xbomb/xdemineur are the only small minesweeper I know of.
  I guess it boils down to what type of game people want.
  [amjjawad] BIG +1
  [carsten-bjoerklund] Totally agree :-)
  [Andrew Hamming] Opened Pengiuns once the entire time i've used Lubuntu,
  looked at it and thought wow, why is this in here.  +1
  [vanyok] +1. I don't know anyone who ever played these penguins' cards. Let's have just a couple of games (like Xubuntu does) just in case somebody needs them for spare time and to show the ability to play in Lubuntu.
  I would have something like Minesweeper and Pacman.
  Nevertheless I might raise a question: what's the real purpose to have those games in Lubuntu? Normally if somebody is a gamer he/she will install favourite games. If somebody uses OS for work - games are normally not needed. Also online (flash) games are more popular now. That's why I'm asking - to clarify the real need.
  [David Yentzen] (+1) remove all games form default install.  Why is the
  game suite still in by default?
  [gilir] We need good proposals to replace them : not heavyweight, no 3D,
  no Java, easy to undersand and to play (possibly some classic games),
  available in the repository (forking is not an option). They are here
  because every OS have a couple of simple games, just in case you have
  some free time to time kill.
  [Andre] Remove this! Don't know about replacements, but this game (all
  those Penguin) have not the quality expected from a serious OS. Windows
  have no help section, some of them cannot be moved... Terrible!
  [larsnooden] It can be removed.  If a replacement is needed, lbreakout2
  is one option but bigger.  tint is almost a good tetris clone.  angband?
+ [gilir] Fine, let's remove them. However, I think there is not a good
+ concensus for a clear replacement. Let's not add something we are not
+ 100 % before the LTS.

Remove ace-of-penguins (broken game suite)

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