[Merge] lp:~mfisch/ubuntu/saucy/lxc-android-config/custom-etc into lp:ubuntu/lxc-android-config

Matthew Fischer matthew.fischer at canonical.com
Wed Aug 21 21:25:34 UTC 2013

Matthew Fischer has proposed merging lp:~mfisch/ubuntu/saucy/lxc-android-config/custom-etc into lp:ubuntu/lxc-android-config.

Commit message:
Adds a writable path in /custom/etc/dconf where we can store a customized system-db.

Requested reviews:
  Ubuntu Development Team (ubuntu-dev)

For more details, see:

Adds a writable path in /custom/etc/dconf where we can store the system-db. per discussion with stgraber. This has no impact if the path doesn't exist as tested.
Your team Ubuntu Development Team is requested to review the proposed merge of lp:~mfisch/ubuntu/saucy/lxc-android-config/custom-etc into lp:ubuntu/lxc-android-config.
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