[Blueprint community-r-edubuntu-server] Edubuntu Server Plans

Stéphane Graber stgraber at stgraber.org
Fri Nov 16 14:50:54 UTC 2012

Blueprint changed by Stéphane Graber:

Work items changed:
  Work items:
  [stgraber] Push current edubuntu-server to the archive: TODO
  [stgraber] Update ubiquity plugins to allow for server installation if squashfs is present: TODO
- [stgraber] Get updated sudo into the archive (for sssd support): INPROGRESS
+ [stgraber] Get updated sudo into the archive (for sssd support): DONE
  [stgraber] Seed sssd and sudo-ldap: DONE
  [stgraber] Add domain client step in ubiquity configuring sssd in AD mode: DONE
  [stgraber] Add support for edubuntu-server builds into BuildLiveCD and cdimage code: TODO
  [stgraber] Re-architecture the code to work by role and simply require an admin account on a directory to add/remove roles: TODO
  [stgraber] Get basic web UI working (authentication, theme, plugin system): TODO
  [jonathan] Work on CSS for edubuntu-server: TODO
  [stgraber] Port python-ldap to python3: TODO

Edubuntu Server Plans

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