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  [pascual] xfce4 power-manager doesn't work well in Lubuntu 12.04. There
  is no control of screen brightness, we cannot set brightness default on
  startup (actually now my brightness keys FN+F6 FN+F7 don't work, like it
  worked on Lubuntu 11.10 in the same cuputer) wake up doesn't work. I
  uninstalled and there was no difference, it is an useless program at
  this moment. Perhaps, if we want something light, we might think on TLP
  and Jupiter (notice that Jupiter allows us to change settings without
  having to run the program on startup, so no "heaviness" here).
  [pascual] An example of problems with power management. Our default
  video player is GNOME-mplayer, right? But in order to implement its
  feature of disable screensaver when running the program, it demands to
  have gnome-power-manager installed. What??
  [pascual] Lubuntu default font is too big, perhaps we can use Ubuntu 10
  for desktop and Menu Application Items. Of course, you can change it
  once you use Lubuntu, but it is always nicer to have a good first
  impression (and precisely that's the reason we have seen nice polishing
  in the User Interface).
+ [pascual] Check some dependencies in the lubuntu-desktop package. One
+ concrete example, I don't have bluetooth in my computer, yet in Synaptic
+ files like libbluetooth cannot be removed because apparently, lubuntu-
+ desktop and sylpheed depend on it (not even Thunderbird has this
+ dependence that Sylpheed does). In general, there are other programs
+ that cannot be removed because lubuntu-desktop depends on them and some
+ of them might be "useless programs" ... that would make the system
+ lighther on resources and startup, for example.  That might be the
+ reason why Lubuntu startup times are not really superior to Ubuntu's
+ default despite being "a light version"
  [pascual] Lubuntu currenlty misplaces application tray icons ... the
  default should be to create each new tray icon of a program to the left
  of a previous one. Currently, it happens at random; sometimes the
  network manager button is at the left, sometimes at the middle, etc ...
  [pascual] Audacious team is developing Audacious 3.3 and is going to get
  rid of GTK2.x, following the trend of using GTK3+ instead ... so it
  would be good to make sure the latest version of Audacious would be on
  the official repositories (and not an old one), given that is is our
  default program for music. And it is a very stable program, so no
  problem of adding it to the repositories. And the new theme (I have seen
  screenshots of pcmanfm with the new theme) should include changing the
  default colors of buttons for GNOME-Mplayer and Audacious.
  [pascual] Abiword is our default program instead of LibreOffice in the
  "Office section". However the latest version of Abiword that came into
  the repositories 2.9.2 was quite buggy and should not have been released
  into the official repo (for citing the most basic example, mouse
  scrolling doesn't work). So, it is important to make sure a stable
  version is on the official repositories (2.8.6 from Lubuntu 11.10 was
  fine) or remove Abiword and take LibreOffice instead. Currently, because
  of these issues, most people is installing LibreOffice and ditching
  Abiword. In my case, I had to install Abiword from 11.10.
  [jthompson87] Perhaps a change in network manager might be nice.  WICD is a touch advanced, but does not carry any GNOME dependencies.  Also, its use as my manager resolved a nasty bug I was having with my home WPA network.  I found a forum post (http://boardreader.com/thread/Network_manager_shows_wpa_network_as_wep_1h77X1gxn.html) in which someone else was having a similar issue, which directed me to do so.
  [ikem] The network manager is far easier to use, then WICD. I think it's better to fix them, then to rewrite WICD.
  [jthompson87]  If the bug is resolved, I would be happy to continue to support network-manager, but it is rather obscure and only started for me sometime during the Lubuntu beta 1.  Not many others seem to experience this particular bug, so reproduction is difficult.  Also, the benefits of abandoning GNOME dependencies cannot be ignored.
  [jthompson87] Please disregard my notes of a bug.  Embarassing as it may be, I must admit that it was a problem with compatability concerning my laptop's wireless card and the security protocol used with my network.  I believe that some of my other points carried merit, such as the lack of GNOME dependencies, and perhaps work on another frontend without such requirements would be in order.
  [jebril] I wouldn't mind seeing a wallpaper changer finally being
  integrated into Lubuntu, I have already developed a script for it that's
  very small and integrates very well with Openbox. If you are interested.
  [ikem] I like to see Sylpheed using the system icon theme.
  [kanliot] this is an actual problem, not a wishlist.  if we installed a .desktop shortcut to alsamixer.  noobs would be able to find it.   I just encountered such a person on the forum.
  [gilir] The problem is why it needs to access directly the mixer. Normal user just need the capability of the volume applet, and the option to access more options are also available at the same place.
  Would be nice if I can right click on the volume applet and get an option like "Open sound mixer" and it starts "gnome-alsamixer".
  As xxxterm is less resource hungry than Chromium & is already in Universe, what are the thoughts to switch to this as 'default', or even include it as an option if disk space on the install CD's allows?
  Ressources is not the only factor to compare. We need also to compare the features and the speed between the browser. Also, a browser need a strong upstream support, for example to fix security issues.
  xxxterm is a nice lightweight browser but it misses some comfort (i.e. Bookmarking support & Extensions). So I agree with Julien here.
  If Chromium is not, as Julien has mentioned, currently getting regular builds; we may
  have to think of other options. I'm quite happy to have just have it mentioned on the
  minimal install page as a low resource browser (with less bloat, comes less functions).
  I vote for Midori. It's small, it's fast, supports adblock and flashblock (via userscript). The only thing need to be improved is crash handling (right now it recovers only the first open window).
  Midori is not that stable, cannot be used for daily browsing. At least, it crashes for me all the time. I wanted to use it, as it is a lightweight GTK browser, but it failed to replace Chromium (or Chrome) or even Firefox.
  [Pierre Gobin]
  Use (create) a Lubuntu Control Center to gather different System and Preferences options, and delete System and Preferences categories in the menu in favor of only two items : Lubuntu Control Center ans Lubuntu Software Center.
  Ideally, it should also include integration in a single window, like most of control center do. It's not trivial to implement.
  You can also use the lubuntu control center, which is only a launcher for others preferences programs. The ideas is interested, but it needs more work to be more useful than a replacement for the Preference Menu.
  I'm working on lxde-control-center at the moment, email me for info.
  [Pierre Gobin]
  In PCmanFM, create default bookmarks for personal folders (Documents, Music, Pictures, etc.) and use custom icons for them.
  Adding shortcuts is done for quantal, having custom icons need a modification in pcmanfm itself.
  When I add a shortcut, I want an open window where I can click on a program/folder/whatever and it creates a shortcut and launches "lxshortcut" to edit them further (or discard them finally).
  [johnkeel105] A suggestion I mention a while back, make it easy to
  change the format of the clock, just having a dropdown box under Digital
  Clock Settings to select between 12-hr and 24-hr would be helpful.
  === Closed discussions ===
  [Michael Rawson]
  If we're going to add catfish to the seed, what happened to lxfind? I seem to recall that being relatively stable when I last used it...
  I updated the task to reflect the choice between catfish and lxfind
  i know this is impossible, but i'd love to be able to install lubuntu on xfs.  I don't think you can, right now (it's missing from the liveCD)
  [leszek] (You can if you install xfs-tools from inside the live system before starting the installer)
  [cjwatson] This is a straightforward seed bug and easy to fix; probably the live seed ought to inherit from live-common, but failing that, include the necessary packages by hand.
  [gilir] thanks cjwatson, I added a task to look at this during q cycle
  Under 'Work Items' it says: Investigate new image viewer (Viewnior?)
  I suggest also considering Eye of Gnome.
  Gpicview, the present image viewer, is buggy and does not seem to be in much development. There are several better (and light) alternatives.
  eog depends on GNOME components, I don't think we need them to find a good alternative. Anyway, that could be part of the discussion for the image viewer
  Discussion started on the mailing list, please add your arguments to the discussion
  [moonsdad] I suggest Mirage to replace Gpicview.
  [Pierre Gobin]
  If it is possible, in lxpanel, to automatically center icons on the panel : it would be interesting when we create a second panel as a dock. Currently icons remain attached on a side.
  It's a bug to report to lxpanel.
  [Pierre Gobin]
  Bug reported here : https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/lxpanel/+bug/997179

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