[Blueprint desktop-o-kubuntu-community] Kubuntu Community for Oneiric

Jonathan Thomas echidnaman at kubuntu.org
Fri Jun 24 15:38:18 UTC 2011

Blueprint changed by Jonathan Thomas:

Whiteboard changed:
  Work items:
  [kubuntu-members] ISO review for releases: TODO
  [apachelogger] Watch KDE release team: INPROGRESS
  [yofel] Update KDE release download information with Kubuntu stuff (see kde-packager list): INPROGRESS
  [kitterman] Attend weekly release team meeting: INPROGRESS
  [kubuntu-members] More blog publishing: TODO
  [kubuntu-ninjas] Build l10n pkgs for KDE releases: INPROGRESS
  [kubuntu-dev] Build l10n pkgs for KDE releases: INPROGRESS
  [kubuntu-members] Compile list of strings for l10n not covered by upstream before release: TODO
  [kubuntu-members] Find minions: TODO
- [kubuntu-members] More blog emission: TODO
  [jussi01] Consult with kde-promo: TODO
  [apachelogger] Promote programming ideas upstream (SoK/GSoC etc): TODO
  [kubuntu-members] More microblogging!: TODO
  [kubuntu-members] More blogging!: TODO
  [kubuntu-members] Find translators for documentation: TODO
  [kubuntu-members] Publicize non-development ways of contributing: TODO
- [kubuntu-members] More blog posting: TODO
  [kubuntu-members] Give Neon a public purpose: TODO
  [kubuntu-members] Advocate against brand confusion: TODO
  [kubuntu-members] Kindly thrash Fridge people for refusing and ignoring Project Neon in person: TODO
  [jussi01] Get *buntu logos onto loco.ubuntu.com footer: TODO
  [kubuntu-members] Get ubuntu.com Derivatives page to use "Flavours" or other appropriate word: TODO
  [kubuntu-members] Use Locos to bring more people into Kubuntu members and development: TODO
  [apachelogger] Ensure all uses of old logo get replaced with new logo: INPROGRESS
  [kubuntu-members] Get Canonical design blog pointing to KubuntuArtwork wiki page: TODO
  [jussi01] Ask Ubuntu Shop people to include Kubuntu products: TODO
  [madsheytan] Make CD covers with Kubuntu artwork: TODO

Kubuntu Community for Oneiric

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