[Blueprint community-p-edubuntu] Edubuntu plans for Precise

Stéphane Graber stgraber at stgraber.org
Fri Dec 16 21:35:19 UTC 2011

Blueprint changed by Stéphane Graber:

Whiteboard changed:
  === LTS ===
  * We want to be an LTS, EC voted with quorum at UDS session
  * Get rid of iTalc in favour of Epoptes
  * We need to apply as an LTS release for the next TB meeting
  * Everything on the DVD should be migrated to dh_python2 since we don't want to support any old python stuff for 5 years
  * Try to reduce the number of dependencies from universe to the bare minimal we actually need (potentially porting in-house tools to newer supported libraries)
  * We're not going to support point releases for KDE, at best going to manage KDE security updates where necessary.
  === Arm support ===
  * Arm is really big, going to happen
  * We'll wait for 14.04 (or 13.x) for an Edubuntu ARM version
  === Edubuntu Specific ===
  LTSP Live:
  * LTSP Live is re-written, modify ubiquity plugin to use edubuntu-live code
  * Feedback on installation/setup progress
  Package selection during install time:
  * Cherry-picking the installed packages broke when selecting a package which description has UTF-8 characters.
  * We'll aim to have the slideshow ready for alpha 2, or alpha 3 so that there's plenty enough time for translations
  * Integrate SSD in Edubuntu...
  * Authenticate against AD, LDAP, edirectory
  * For 14.04 we can aim for the server part as well (FreeIPA, etc)
  === Edubuntu Planning ===
  * Put together an Edubuntu product roadmap for the next few development phases so that people know what we're planning
  === Artwork ===
  * New wallpaper, we don't want to touch much else
  * Bitesize bugs for Unity educational lenses would be awesome
  === LTSP ===
  * Chroot upgrades: revisit for 12.10, too big to tackle for this release.
  Work items for precise-alpha-1:
  [jonathan] Set up Edubuntu Council Elections (next week): DONE
  [stgraber] Prepare Ubituity Slideshow: DONE
  [jonathan] Apply for LTS status for 12.04 with TB: INPROGRESS
  [stgraber] Move edubuntu-fonts from being a standalone meta-package to edubuntu-meta: DONE
  [jonathan] Speak to Oli about ARM community and whether we could build on that for the Edubuntu ARM plans: DONE
  [jonathan] Blog about over 100000 weblive sessions milestone (this week some time): DONE
  [alkisg] Implement OpenSSL and dh_python2 in Epoptes and get it to Debian + Ubuntu archives: DONE
  [stgraber] Fix ubiquity LTSP step to use a similar approach as LTSP live's code
  [stgraber] Fix ubiquity package selection to work with any locale: DONE
  [stgraber] List of packages not using dh_python2
  [stgraber] List of universe packages for Edubuntu and list of the ones we should get rid of: DONE
  Work items for precise-alpha-2:
  [stgraber] Improve LTSP-live to give better feedback to the user
  [stgraber] Write SSSD plugin for ubiquity
- [stgraber] Get Wubi working: INPROGRESS
+ [stgraber] Get Edubuntu support into Wubi: DONE
+ [stgraber] Get Wubi added to the Edubuntu DVD: TODO
  [jonathan] New wallpaper for 12.04: TODO
  [jonathan] Check with RocketTheme for Drupal 7 compatable version of Edubuntu website theme: TODO
  [jonathan] Set up some bitesize bugs for Unity lenses to get more community involvement there: TODO
  Work items for ubuntu-12.04-beta-1:
  [stgraber] Ger permissions on Edubuntu web server sorted out with IS
  [stgraber] Migrage website to Drupal 7
  [jonathan] Put together an Edubuntu product roadmap for the next few development phases: TODO

Edubuntu plans for Precise

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