[Merge] lp:~shiyee/update-notifier/fsck-at-reboot into lp:update-notifier

Mads Chr. Olesen mads at mchro.dk
Thu Nov 11 10:23:44 GMT 2010

It seems to be broken if more than one ext partition is mounted:
$ sudo bash -x update-motd-fsck-at-reboot --force
+ ext_partitions='/dev/sda2
+ OLD_IFS=' 	
+ IFS=' '
+ for part in '$ext_partitions'
++ dumpe2fs -h '/dev/sda2
+ dumpe2fs_out='Couldn'\''t find valid filesystem superblock.'

Moving the IFS magic inside the loop seems to fix it.
Your team Ubuntu Core Development Team is requested to review the proposed merge of lp:~shiyee/update-notifier/fsck-at-reboot into lp:update-notifier.

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