[Merge] lp:~tormodvolden/acpi-support/nohdparm-option into lp:~ubuntu-core-dev/acpi-support/trunk

Tormod Volden bugpost.tormod at gmail.com
Thu Oct 1 18:50:32 BST 2009

> Given that acpi-support is deprecated, and really shouldn't be in charge of
> invoking hdparm on startup, I don't think we should do this.  We should focus
> instead on getting the start-time hdparm handling moved to the udev rule and
> consolidated.

But that would be a long-time focus and certainly not for Karmic. My patch here is perfectly non-intrusive and can only help for those of us who have problems with hdparm. The "nohdparm" option is honoured by other packages using hdparm, for a good reason.

It seems non-consistent that we offer the "nohdparm" option but fail to probe for it in one package.

It is not a this instead of that question. Deprecated or not, we still ship acpi-support.
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