discontinuing source ISOs?

Michael Hudson-Doyle michael.hudson at canonical.com
Thu Jan 4 03:41:43 UTC 2024

Hello release team,

In the course of recent refactorings of ubuntu-cdimage / debian-cd we
somehow broke the building of source ISOs. I doubt this is anything very
deep and can surely be fixed but there is another option: stop building
source ISOs.

AFAIU the point of a source ISO is GPL-compliance: if you are hosting an
ISO made out of GPL-licensed components you should really also host the
source of those components. However, we put source ISOs on cdimage (e.g.
https://cdimage.ubuntu.com/source/20231011.1/source/) not releases, so
everyone (?) who mirrors the ubuntu ISOs for us does not mirror the source

As our mirror operators have been working this way for approximately 20
years without issue, perhaps it's time to stop making source ISOs and
delete even more code from debian-cd and ubuntu-cdimage.


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