New Image - Ubuntu Desktop ARM64 for subarch X13s

Dimitri John Ledkov dimitri.ledkov at
Mon Sep 25 22:27:57 UTC 2023

This email is with respect to request to build & include Ubuntu
Desktop image for ARM64 architecture for subarch X13s as a release

The FFe bug report w.r.t. this request is

There was discussion earlier today on #ubuntu-release to try to
enumerate and document plan of action for being able to land this new
image type. It currently stands as follows:

Image type shall be daily-live for project Ubuntu, architecture arm64,
subarch x13s.
Image will be built daily and published on
It will be built from packages in main only, universe will be enabled
at runtime for end users.
The image will use linux-laptop-23.10 kernel flavour, which will
eventually roll to HWE kernel.
The naming is intentionally similar to and distinct from linux-oem
kernel flavours.
Ubuntu daily-live install test-cases apply to this image, with
exception of FDE install; secureboot; web-camera; firmware updates.
The kernel will receive regular SRU and security updates.
The kernel currently contains lots of backports from linux-next and
out-of-tree vendor patches. These will be cleaned up, improved and
land in either generic kernel or linus upstream over time.
It is likely this SKU will roll to the generic HWE kernel by 24.04.2 time.
All regular Ubuntu Desktop features work: wifi, bluetooth, fingerprint
login, accelerated GPU, and so on.
Notable missing hardware/software features are: secureboot, Linux
Kernel lockdown to integrity level, webcam, firmware updates via
fwupd, 3rd party popular applications such as Microsoft Edge & Google
At the moment I can commit to providing this image for 23.10 and 24.04
(.0, .1, .2). Hopefully by that time we can roll this image into a
regular Ubuntu Desktop generic ARM64 image.
Other people available to work on this image are Juergh and Thibault
from the kernel team.

.... all to land and build before 23.10 ships.

ps. sent from Ubuntu Desktop ARM64 running on Lenovo X13s



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