Request to remove obsolete pending SRUs

Dimitri John Ledkov dimitri.ledkov at
Thu Nov 30 14:18:06 UTC 2023


Contains many SRUs which will never be removed. Over time they are
becoming harmful, as they are superseded by ESM-only updates, and/or
become incompatible with ESM-pinning or custom pinning.

I encourage all uploaders to check the status of their own uploads.
And either make the packages releasable, or actively remove them to
drive the list to zero such that it only have things we still want to
intentionally update.

Please remove:

sru-remove --reason=failed -s focal -p secureboot-db 1890835
sru-remove --reason=failed -s xenial -p secureboot-db 1890835

sru-remove --reason=esm -s bionic -p linux-restricted-signatures-hwe-5.4 1786013
sru-remove --reason=esm -s bionic -p linux-ibm-5.4 2019375
sru-remove --reason=esm -s bionic -p
linux-restricted-signatures-aws-5.4 1786013
sru-remove --reason=esm -s bionic -p
linux-restricted-signatures-azure-5.4 1786013
sru-remove --reason=esm -s bionic -p
linux-restricted-signatures-gcp-5.4 1786013
sru-remove --reason=esm -s bionic -p
linux-restricted-signatures-oracle-5.4 1786013
sru-remove --reason=esm -s bionic -p linux-raspi-5.4 2019368

Above packages now conflict when building snaps with "pro_enable=True"
and when pinning is in use to pick the right kernel from the right
ppa. But also they no longer should exist, are not supported, and
should be removed without archiving.


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