Debian release date and Debian Import Freeze

Jeremy Bícha jeremy.bicha at
Thu May 25 01:09:40 UTC 2023

On Wed, May 24, 2023 at 8:48 PM Michael Hudson-Doyle
<michael.hudson at> wrote:
> Debian bookworm is scheduled to be released on June 10. Debian Import Freeze is currently scheduled for about six weeks later, on August 17. Do we want to shut off debian imports early, basically as soon as bookworm releases, to avoid having all our work overwhelmed by a bunch of transitions in Debian?

My opinion is that moving Debian Import Freeze all the way to June 10
is too early. It would mean that more transitions and major changes
would happen during the 24.04 LTS cycle instead.

Thank you,
Jeremy Bícha

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