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Wed Jan 25 03:43:57 UTC 2023

Hi Athos,

On Tue, Jan 24, 2023 at 12:38:05PM -0300, Athos Ribeiro wrote:

> I would like to request a Micro Release Exception for the Squid
> package in Ubuntu Jammy and Focal. I put together a wiki page
> describing everything I judged pertinent to the MRE here:


> As described in the wiki page above, we recently confirmed with the
> upstream project that the package is fit for MREs at

> While Squid 4 is no longer listed as stable in the upstream project, we
> can still benefit from this MRE for focal to make sure we ship the
> latest 4.x release available.

Please explain what this means for it to longer be listed as stable, if
releases are still happening and you want them to be included under this

> It may also be worth mentioning that the following bugs/discussions led
> us to push this MRE request forward:

> -
> -
> -

> Thank you in advance for considering this request, and please let me
> know if you need more information.

The upstream testing is described as:

  Squid contains an extensive testsuite that is executed during the Ubuntu
  package build time on all supported architectures.

That seems like a pretty boilerplate description that could be applied to
many upstream projects, but doesn't really tell us whether we should have
confidence in the upstream testsuite.

What kind of tests are included?  Many build-time testsuites include only
unit tests.  Are there integration tests as well?  (Important for a server)
Are there any relevant statistics about unit test coverage?

  TODO-B: list each non passing test, explain why that is ok in this case

Why would there be any non-passing tests?  Isn't it a build failure if there
are failing tests?

If the package build doesn't fail on a test failure, then I don't consider
that an adequate test plan for an MRE.

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