[Proposals] Consult with Flavor Leads before Beta Freeze / Flavors Underrepresented

Erich Eickmeyer eeickmeyer at ubuntu.com
Mon Mar 30 23:18:07 UTC 2020

Hello all,


I have a package (carla) for which I have PPU upload rights for that I
have been working with the upstream for getting a release today. Despite
this, the upstream developer could not meet this deadline for their
release, which is really not their problem as the application isn't
necessarily developed for Ubuntu specifically (the world doesn't revolve
around Ubuntu). This is a bugfix release being prepared (carla-2.1-rc2,
with carla-2.1-rc1 already in the archives) in preparation for a final
release mid-April prior to Final Freeze.

Unfortunately, beta freeze came without any discussion as to if the
flavors were ready for this freeze, and now flavors must rely on a small
group of developers (the Release Team) to approve any last-minute,
intended-for-beta uploads. With carla being a release candidate, it is
perfect for beta testing in preparation of that final release, not only
for carla, but for Ubuntu.

Additionally, carla is a seeded package in Ubuntu Studio.

[Proposal 1]

I believe that the release team needs to check with the flavor leads
prior to enacting the beta freeze, just to make sure there are no
last-minute intended-for-beta already-seeded packages preparing for
upload. A good way would be checking with the flavor leads either in
#ubuntu-flavors or on #ubuntu-release (which many, if not most, are
monitoring). I think this is important especially for packages in the
archive that are in beta or release candidate status that have an
imminent bugfix or final release from an upstream.

[Proposal 2]

I believe the release team does not currently represent every flavor
equally, and that they do not take into account the needs of all of the
flavors. Therefore, I believe that the release team needs to also
consist of a representative of each flavor, whether that be the flavor
lead or another delegate from the flavor teams. It seems as though all
flavors are not treated equally, and that some flavors are seen as
burdens and ignored while other flavors are given more of a voice.
Including more people for the release team would reduce the burden on
the existing release team, and remember, it should never be about "control".

Even if neither of these proposals are accepted, I think we the
discussion should at least be opened for some sort of solution, and the
situation should not be disregarded. I'd love to hear some thoughts on
this. Let's be pragmatic and learn how to trust a little more. :)

Warmest regards from cold Seattle,

Erich Eickmeyer
Project Leader
Ubuntu Studio


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