New component-mismatches for source universe -> main

process-component-mismatches-diff martin.pitt at
Tue Jun 30 03:39:53 UTC 2020

The following universe packages have new reverse dependencies
in main or got seeded. They need to get a MainInclusionReport and be
promoted, or the reverse dependencies in main need to be dropped:

  o libsys-cpuaffinity-perl: libsys-cpuaffinity-perl
    [Reverse-Depends: pristine-tar]
  o pbzip2: pbzip2
    [Reverse-Depends: pristine-tar]
  o pixz: pixz
    [Reverse-Depends: pristine-tar]
  o pristine-tar: pristine-tar
    [Reverse-Recommends: devscripts (MAIN)]
  o xdelta: libxdelta2 libxdelta2-dev xdelta
    [Reverse-Depends: Rescued from xdelta, pristine-tar, xdelta]
  o xdelta3: xdelta3
    MIR: #1268905 (Fix Released)
    MIR: #1647222 (Fix Released)
    [Reverse-Depends: pristine-tar]

Please see
for the full report.

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