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John L. Males jlmales at
Thu Dec 12 04:30:04 UTC 2019

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Hello All,

I have used Linux as my primary desktop system 1999 until July
2019.  I have used Lubuntu Live for 5 other systems, as well as
a few Raspberry Pis running Linux.  I have configured and
compiled more Linux kernels than can be imagined as well as
many major and complex OSS source packages over the years.

Currently this eMail is in reference to Lubuntu 19.10 Live

I have a unique need in a Lubuntu Live image.  Currently I use
a method of unravelling the ISO and then chroot into the
unravelled image to customize.

This time customization requirements have expanded.  This
expanded customization adds in a number of unique scripts that
have no impact to how a Live image is created or functions.
The expanded customized scripts do need to know some basic
system information and when this information is enabled.  The
information in question is when the lubuntu user is created and
when the host name lubuntu is set.

I have searched all over the internet for information related
to the casper based Live image configuration.  The research has
indicated multiple times that the Username and Hostname are set
in the casper.conf file.  That seems simple enough, but I seem
to find a gap in this information based on the Lubuntu Live
image.  This is why I am sending this message to the mailing
list in hopes what I have found thus far can have the gaps I
have been unable to determine by research and digging into the
Lubuntu Live image files.

On the Live image I have found two /etc/casper.conf files.  One
in the initrd and one in the filesystem.squashfs.  Both of these
casper.conf files show a ubuntu for the Username and hostname.
By contrast when I look at the /tec/casper.conf of a booted
live Lubuntu the Username and Hostname in the /etc/casper.conf
show lubuntu for the Username and Hostname.

The question then is when how did the /etc/casper.conf on the
Live unionfs/aufs file system change to reflect the expected
lubuntu values for Username and Hostname?  Am I missing
something very basic in my search of the files on initrd or
filesystem.squashfs that would answer this question or is there
some intermediate script effecting these changes? 

John L. Males
Toronto, Ontario
11 December 2019 23:30 -0500 EST


2019-12-12 04:10:44+0000-UTC Time: 1576123844 PC/System time

12 Dec 04:10:44 ntpdate[76193]: ntpdate 4.2.8p12-a (1)

12 Dec 04:10:59 ntpdate[77723]: step time server
offset -0.000522 sec

FreeBSD 11.3-STABLE FreeBSD 11.3-STABLE #0 r349903: Thu Jul 11
16:13:47 UTC 2019
root at 

(Work in progress alternative to Linux Kernel of its own right,
 Debian, and
 other Linux based Kernel distributions determined.)

Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-2367M CPU @ 1.40GHz
Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-2367M CPU @ 1.40GHz (1396.86-MHz K8-class
CPU) Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-2367M CPU @ 1.40GHz (1396.86-MHz
K8-class CPU) Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-2367M CPU @ 1.40GHz
(1396.86-MHz K8-class CPU) Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-2367M CPU @
1.40GHz (1396.86-MHz K8-class CPU) Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-2367M
CPU @ 1.40GHz (1396.86-MHz K8-class CPU)

dev.cpu.0.temperature: 70.0C
dev.cpu.1.temperature: 70.0C
dev.cpu.2.temperature: 67.0C
dev.cpu.3.temperature: 66.0C
hw.acpi.thermal.tz0.temperature: 70.1C

vmstat -s:

291822565 cpu context switches
 13774420 device interrupts
  2345489 software interrupts
 22643269 traps
858975444 system calls
       27 kernel threads created
     5790  fork() calls
     2904 vfork() calls
        0 rfork() calls
        2 swap pager pageins
        8 swap pager pages paged in
     1117 swap pager pageouts
     5636 swap pager pages paged out
     7089 vnode pager pageins
    78992 vnode pager pages paged in
      132 vnode pager pageouts
     2939 vnode pager pages paged out
      118 page daemon wakeups
 35450392 pages examined by the page daemon
        0 clean page reclamation shortfalls
   913038 pages reactivated by the page daemon
   351792 copy-on-write faults
     1791 copy-on-write optimized faults
 14518020 zero fill pages zeroed
     7794 zero fill pages prezeroed
       60 intransit blocking page faults
 26026459 total VM faults taken
     9249 page faults requiring I/O
        0 pages affected by kernel thread creation
   284276 pages affected by  fork()
   101177 pages affected by vfork()
        0 pages affected by rfork()
 28122219 pages freed
  6805958 pages freed by daemon
  4812524 pages freed by exiting processes
   423529 pages active
  2545242 pages inactive
   322303 pages in the laundry queue
   663130 pages wired down
    98562 pages free
     4096 bytes per page
 18943414 total name lookups
          cache hits (83% pos + 0% neg) system 0% per-directory
          deletions 0%, falsehits 0%, toolong 0%

Boot time : 1576021447

procs     memory        page                    disks
faults        cpu0     cpu1     cpu2     cpu3 r b w     avm
fre  flt  re  pi  po    fr   sr ad0 pa0   in    sy    cs us sy
id us sy id us sy id us sy id 0 0 0 28604256  394188  254   9
0   0   275  346   0   0  135  8387  2849  5  3 92  6  2 92  6
2 92  6  2 92

memory info:

real memory  = 17179869184 (16384 MB)
avail memory = 16495013888 (15730 MB)

last pid: 90127;  load averages:  0.20,  0.37,  0.41  up
1+04:26:53    04:11:00 58 processes:  1 running, 57 sleeping

Mem: 1655M Active, 9942M Inact, 1259M Laundry, 2591M Wired,
1551M Buf, 384M Free Swap: 48G Total, 22M Used, 48G Free

hw.physmem: 17053859840
hw.usermem: 14337519616
hw.realmem: 17179869184

             total       used       free     shared
buffers     cached Mem:      16210872    5635736
10575136          0          0          0 Swap:
50331644      22512   50309132


Device          1K-blocks     Used    Avail Capacity
/dev/ada0s1b     50331644    22512 50309132     0%


procs     memory        page                    disks
faults         cpu r b w     avm     fre  flt  re  pi  po
fr   sr ad0 pa0   in    sy    cs us sy id 0 0 0 28604272
394208  254   9   0   0   275  346   0   0  135  8388  2850  6
2 92



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