18.04.3 Point Release delayed to August 8th

Adam Conrad adconrad at ubuntu.com
Fri Aug 2 16:38:26 UTC 2019

Due to some miscommunication and a staffing issue (I was sick), this
mail didn't go out earlier, but it should be obvious to most by now
that the point release scheduled for this week was delayed due to
last-minute kernel issues.

The kernel issues are now resolved, and we're just cleaning up a few
remaining DKMS problems, and should be on schedule to release 18.04.3
next Thursday.

With that in mind, we've spun up a set of near-RCs on the ISO tracker
to get some testing over the weekend.  These (intentionally) don't
have the correct volume label or updated base-files yet, but should
otherwise represent what we plan to release next week, so please do
get some testing out there and let us know if something's terribly
broken so we can address it first thing in the week and confidently
release sane images by Thursday.

Thanks in advance,

... Adam

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