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Simon Quigley tsimonq2 at
Wed Jun 20 02:27:51 UTC 2018


I have drafted a proposal for adding packages to the desktop-common
seed. This would be useful to ensure that everybody involved in shipping
the contents of the seed agrees on what's in it.

Here are the main points of this proposal:
 - If a package is going to be included, an email should be sent to
ubuntu-release with some information on what it is, why we need it, if
there are any issues with it, and who is responsible for the package.
 - An aging period of one week should be used to make sure there are no
objections to a package's inclusion. If this needs to be waived, the
person proposing its inclusion should state so on the mailing list, and
feel free to proceed.
 - If anyone opposes during or after the aging period, they should work
out any concerns with the person proposing it and/or the people
responsible for the package. If issues can't be worked out, we can't
include it. (If the party opposing it goes MIA, the proposal should be
re-sent to the mailing list.)
 - If there's no objections, it can be added, provided a link to the
proposal is in the commit message.

Here is the full text of the proposal:

Let me know if you have any questions, but otherwise I will be available
during the next Technical Board meeting.


Simon Quigley
tsimonq2 at
tsimonq2 on freenode and OFTC
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