Re-evaluating Ubuntu's Milestones

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On 04/21/2018 04:15 AM, flocculant wrote:
> One quick question here - imagine that :)
> Given that we all (apparently) find it hard to get people testing during
> the 3 days we currently get at milestone's - why are we carrying on with
> that same tight schedule? You'll know the way this happens - it's the
> end of the testing session and suddenly someone is asking for help
> looking at their images for some reason.
> If we are going to just organise sections of time amongst ourselves
> during these new periods - why not do away with "weeks" and actually
> have a week - a real week. If we can't manage to organise amongst
> ourselves for longer than a couple of days then I think we should all
> pack up and do something else ;)

That works for me. We can work out the fine specifics when we get closer
(I have a couple of things in mind that I'd like to iron out first), but
I'm not opposed to making it weeks instead of "weeks".

> If not, then all that's really been accomplished here is making life
> easier for Canonical (not that I disagree with us doing that I hasten to
> add), we as flavours are gaining nothing.

This isn't really making things easier for just the Ubuntu Release Team.
Even if we still kept to a strict schedule, we don't have to worry about
people testing with old installs (see my point to Oliver about the
"pristine" ISOs).

Thanks for the email.

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