Proposed new member of the Release Team

Steve Langasek steve.langasek at
Sat Oct 7 04:30:01 UTC 2017

Dear fellow Release Team members,

You may have noticed that last week's Beta milestone was driven by Łukasz
Zemczak.  You might also be aware that he is currently not a member of the
ubuntu-release team in Launchpad.

Łukasz is more than a little familiar with the machinery and processes of
Ubuntu releases due to his past involvement in the Ubuntu Touch project, and
he has been working for some time to get officially involved in the Ubuntu
releases proper.  With the successful completion of the 17.10 Final Beta, I
believe it is high time to officially add him to the ubuntu-release team.

If any other members of the Release Team have concerns about adding him,
please let me know.  Barring any objections, I will plan to add him to the
team in time for the 17.10 final release.

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