New component-mismatches for source universe -> main

process-component-mismatches-diff martin.pitt at
Thu Jun 1 14:15:20 UTC 2017

The following universe packages have new reverse dependencies
in main or got seeded. They need to get a MainInclusionReport and be
promoted, or the reverse dependencies in main need to be dropped:

  o caribou: caribou gir1.2-caribou-1.0 libcaribou-common libcaribou-dev libcaribou0
    MIR: #1685867 (Fix Committed)
    [Reverse-Depends: Rescued from caribou, caribou, gir1.2-caribou-1.0, gnome-shell, libcaribou0]
  o colord-gtk: gir1.2-colordgtk-1.0 libcolord-gtk-dev libcolord-gtk1 libcolord-gtk2-1
    MIR: #1282372 (Fix Released)
    MIR: #1685411 (Fix Committed)
    [Reverse-Depends: Rescued from colord-gtk, gnome-control-center, libcolord-gtk-dev]
  o geoclue-2.0: gir1.2-geoclue-2.0 libgeoclue-2-0 libgeoclue-2-dev
    MIR: #1388294 (Fix Released)
    MIR: #1621216 (Fix Released)
    [Reverse-Depends: Rescued from geoclue-2.0, gir1.2-geoclue-2.0, gnome-shell]
  o gjs: gjs libgjs-dev libgjs0f
    MIR: #1683989 (Fix Committed)
    [Reverse-Depends: Rescued from gjs, gnome-shell]
  o gnome-control-center: gnome-control-center gnome-control-center-data gnome-control-center-dev
    MIR: #1685415 (Fix Committed)
    MIR: #914631 (Fix Released) [mir] mesa-demos
    [Reverse-Depends: Rescued from gnome-control-center, Ubuntu.Artful desktop seed, gnome-control-center]
  o gnome-panel: libpanel-applet-dev libpanel-applet-doc libpanel-applet3
    [Reverse-Depends: Rescued from gnome-panel, indicator-applet]
  o gnome-shell: gnome-shell gnome-shell-common
    MIR: #1685870 (Fix Committed)
    [Reverse-Depends: Ubuntu.Artful desktop seed, gnome-shell]
  o iio-sensor-proxy: iio-sensor-proxy
    MIR: #1621216 (Fix Released)
    [Reverse-Recommends: gnome-shell]
  o indicator-applet: indicator-applet
    [Reverse-Recommends: indicator-datetime (MAIN)]
  o mozjs38: libmozjs-38-0 libmozjs-38-dev
    MIR: #1683937 (Fix Committed)
    [Reverse-Depends: libgjs-dev, libgjs0f]
  o mutter: gir1.2-mutter-0 libmutter-0-0 libmutter-0-dev mutter mutter-common
    MIR: #591162 (Fix Released)
    MIR: #1685408 (Fix Committed)
    [Reverse-Depends: Rescued from mutter, gir1.2-mutter-0, gnome-shell, libmutter-0-0]

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