New component-mismatches for source universe -> main

process-component-mismatches-diff martin.pitt at
Tue Jul 11 10:52:35 UTC 2017

The following universe packages have new reverse dependencies
in main or got seeded. They need to get a MainInclusionReport and be
promoted, or the reverse dependencies in main need to be dropped:

  o libreoffice-dictionaries: hunspell-af hunspell-bg hunspell-bn hunspell-bs hunspell-cs hunspell-da hunspell-el hunspell-en-ca hunspell-en-gb hunspell-en-za hunspell-es hunspell-gd hunspell-gl hunspell-gu hunspell-he hunspell-hi hunspell-hr hunspell-hu hunspell-is hunspell-it hunspell-kmr hunspell-lo hunspell-lt hunspell-ne hunspell-nl hunspell-no hunspell-oc hunspell-pl hunspell-ro hunspell-ru hunspell-si hunspell-sk hunspell-sl hunspell-sr hunspell-sv hunspell-sw hunspell-te hunspell-th hunspell-uk hunspell-vi hyphen-af hyphen-bg hyphen-ca hyphen-cs hyphen-da hyphen-de hyphen-el hyphen-es hyphen-fr hyphen-gl hyphen-hu hyphen-is hyphen-it hyphen-lt hyphen-nl hyphen-no hyphen-ro hyphen-sk hyphen-sl hyphen-sr hyphen-sv hyphen-uk hyphen-zu myspell-ku mythes-ar
    MIR: #1309791 (Fix Released)
    [Reverse-Depends: Ubuntu.Artful live seed, Ubuntu.Artful supported seed, Ubuntu.Artful usb-langsupport seed]
  o myspell-pt-br: myspell-pt-br
    [Reverse-Depends: Ubuntu.Artful live seed]

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