OpenStack Ocata and Ubuntu Zesty release alignment

Corey Bryant corey.bryant at
Thu Feb 16 20:45:43 UTC 2017

Hello Release Team,

The final release of OpenStack Ocata for Zesty is coming out next week! [1]

As with previous Ubuntu releases we'll need to upload further Ocata fixes
after Zesty's feature freeze. This includes core OpenStack packages and
direct dependencies managed under the OpenStack umbrella.

In the past this has been business as usual, so this email is for awareness
and to ensure that the Release team is in agreement that we continue with
this approach in Zesty.

I'd like to use the feature freeze until we provide the final release of
OpenStack Ocata, and then start using the normal SRU process for any
updates after that.

You might be wondering why Ocata is releasing earlier than normal this time
around.  OpenStack releases typically align more closely with the release
of Ubuntu, but the development cycle for Ocata is a short one and is
releasing earlier than normal.  This is being done to adjust current and
future release cycles to accommodate the new PTG (Project Team Gathering)
and OpenStack Summit conference [2].  Note that the next 2 releases of
OpenStack after Ocata appear to align nicely with Ubuntu, releasing
approximately a month before Ubuntu typically does.

Corey Bryant

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