britney2-ubuntu moved from bzr to git

Martin Pitt martin.pitt at
Fri Jul 8 13:50:21 UTC 2016

Hello release team, hello Robert,

TL;DR: The bzr branch for britney2-ubuntu [1] is now obsolete, and
replaced with a git branch [2]. I changed snakefruit's production
scripts accordingly [3]. Robert, you need to do a corresponding change
to the CI train. After that happened, I will do a last commit to the
bzr branch to remove all the files and replace them with a
"README.moved" file, just in case.

Background: Our version of britney was branched off Debian master
about three years ago, and got last merged 14 months ago. We need to
move to a current version to get support for versioned provides (at
least), as this now causes packages to get stuck in -proposed.

We had about 300 commits of delta against Debian, and continuing to
merge with Debian got ever more difficult because of the built-up
delta/cruft. So I waded through that mess and now rebased on top of
the last branch point, cleaning up a lot of obsolete patches,
separating upstreamable from Ubuntu specific ones, etc. Doing this
cleanly wasn't humanly possible I'm afraid, so I just separated out
the bug fixes and new features and then committed everything that
belonged to adding autopkgtesting into one big commit. (And even that
already took a full work day..) So this destroyed the history, but I
did keep the original bzr conversion in a branch [4].

So now the code is more or less identical to what was in bzr  aside
from some noise, but we are down to about 10 upstreamable and 10
ubuntu specific patches, organized nicely. This is what is deployed to
production now.

Next steps:

 * Merge to current master to get versioned provides support. This
   will require some work due to  some structural britney changes:
   RDEPENDS got replaced with a new installability module, and there
   is now a separate policy module where we can hook in autopkgtests
   and the two new hints (force-{bad,skip}test). This will take some
   time again (but fortunately we have good test coverage :) ).

 * Send the upstreamable patches to Debian, to reduce our delta
   (apparently this never happened, and with current bzr branch it's
   more or less impossible). I already spoke to Niels and he's open to

 * Deploy that to production. (Not on a Friday).

 * With rebasing to Debian's master more regularly we should keep the
   britney code in a much more maintainable state.




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