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On 07/02/16 01:07, Walter Lapchynski wrote:
> Ever since we changed things so that the community was responsible for 
> [checklist tracking][1] for releases Ubuntu proper isn't involved in 
> (usually alphas and beta1), we've struggled to find the people to do 
> it among the release managers (three of us have consistently 
> participated). I know of some folks interested in help that are not 
> release managers and looking at the list of things to do, it doesn't 
> seem like anything that requires a release manager. I think release 
> managers have bigger fish to fry. So I'd like to advocate for allowing 
> people release managers sign off on to do these tasks. Any arguments 
> or concerns?
> [1]:
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No issues from me - especially if you read what the original mail from 
Laney to the list says ...

"In the release session at UOS we talked about the desire to have 
flavour community members responsible for driving the releases of 
milestones," [1]

The only thing I would want to know is that whoever it is gets the 
announcement checked for link errors/release note errors.



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