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Simon Quigley tsimonq2 at
Fri Aug 12 01:21:02 UTC 2016

Hello Release Team,

The Lubuntu team is ready to begin the migration process to LXQt, and one
of the first parts of the migration is getting an image to move to. We have
prepared the lubuntu-qt-desktop metapackage and we are ready for an image.

A few weeks ago, I submitted two merge proposals[1,2] thanks to advice
given by Adam Conrad on #ubuntu-release. On several occasions (on IRC),
both myself and Walter Lapchynski have asked for feedback on the merge
proposals in an effort to get the images spun up so we can take our next
step, but have not received any.

This is a call for feedback on those two merge proposals so we can get the
images spun up and take our next step.


Please let us know,
Simon Quigley for the Lubuntu team
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