Trusty point release (14.04.2) RC ISOs available

Adam Conrad adconrad at
Tue Feb 17 18:43:44 UTC 2015

After a ton of arguing with livecd-rootfs to accomodate the new HWE
bits, I've spun up new builds of trusty for all flavours.  I still
need to check all the manifest diffs to make sure I didn't mess up,
but this shouldn't stop people from getting to testing.

Any changes from here should be fairly minimal, I imagine.

The notable exceptions to the "it should all be working" thing are:

1) lubuntu alternates might get sacrificed along the way (14.04
alternates will, of course, continue to work, and users can just
upgrade as usual, I imagine the intersection of "people who needed
the alternate CD" and "people who use new and shiny video cards"
is close to zero)

2) lubuntu powerpc livefses are currently failing to build, I'll
look at that shortly.

3) server ISOs have some extra cruft in /pool/ that doesn't belong
there, but that doesn't affect runtime or installation, just size.

So, please, go forth and do some testing and see how it all looks to
you.  After I've had some rest, I'll go through and validate that my
work all seems sane (and see about fixing bits that aren't).

... Adam

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