Call for Participants for Xenial Alpha 1

Adam Conrad adconrad at
Tue Dec 29 18:13:11 UTC 2015

I should have sent this email a few days ago, but I've been swamped
with moving house over the holidays, so I'm a bit late.  That said,
I've had not a single person volunteer for the paperwork bits, and
no one has mentioned the Alpha yet.

Xenial Alpha 1 is scheduled for Dec 31 and, given the above, I'm
inclined to assume that no one is particularly interested in doing
an alpha.  If someone would like to prove me wrong and step up to
do the paperwork bits (assuming anyone wants to do an alpha at all
right now), I'll be glad to drive the CD Image release machinery to
make it happen.

So, if you wanted to get an alpha out the door for your flavour, do
speak up now, and we'll make it happen.  If not, we'll assume that
everyone is waiting for later milestones.

... Adam

PS: Yes, I know this is awkward timing, if people want to participate
    but aren't keen on doing a release on New Year's Eve, we can
    delay for a few days if that works better.

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