Retrying autopkgtests with the new cloud infrastructure

Martin Pitt martin.pitt at
Tue Aug 4 07:39:08 UTC 2015

Hello release team,

britney just switched from the old Jenkins/adt-britney to the new
DevOps cloud machinery [1]. This means that retrying tests now does
not happen on Jenkins any more either.

This now happens through "run-autopkgtest" from the britney sources [2]
which is symlinked into $PATH. On ubuntu-archive at snakefruit you can
run it like:

  ssh sudo -i -u ubuntu-archive run-autopkgtest --help

(Creating a shell alias for this highly recommended).

Right now there are only rather simple operations, like re-running a
list of tests on all arches

  run-autopkgtest -s wily libpng udisks2

or on a particular arch

  run-autopkgtest -s wily -a armhf libpng udisks2

I want to bring back an SSO-guarded web frontend for retrying tests
[3], but it's not there yet. However, there are certainly use cases
where a CLI is more convenient if it comes to "retry all tests with
property X". If you encounter such a case, please do file a bug report
[4] (or just add it yourself, of course ☺ )



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