Preparing for 14.04.3 release on Thursday

Adam Conrad adconrad at
Mon Aug 3 20:20:30 UTC 2015

It's that time of year again, yet another 14.04 LTS point release
is upon us.  I'm building RC images for all LTS flavours right now,
which should pop out on the tracker at:

When your flavour of choice pops up, please put it through some
solid testing and report bugs.  If you can, note if the bug is a
regression from 14.04.2, as those will be the highest priority.

We might also try to nail some non-regression bugs but, really,
those should have been reported and fixed over the last six months,
not in the three days before release.

There will probably be a few small changes between now and Thursday,
but with any luck, these ISOs are dangerously close to what we will
release, so please go forth and test and make sure nothing is too
broken to ship.

A special note to the SRU team: Please don't promote anything from
trusty-proposed to trusty-updates without getting my sign-off, as
I want to be very careful about what goes in at this point, so we
don't disrupt our testing and the final point release.

... Adam

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