Vivid Vervet (15.04) now open for business

Adam Conrad adconrad at
Fri Oct 24 03:48:29 UTC 2014

After a short period of wrangling things from utopic-proposed
to vivid-proposed and a few small merges and uploads to prime
the archive, vivid is now open for development.

In theory, this shouldn't change much, but the arch-indep
build architecture has been changed from i386 to amd64, which
more closely matches what (most) developers test on, and also
what Debian will be doing when they implement their source
upload strategy.

Nothing else major is happening on opening day, however there
are some things to look out for in the coming months:

 - A switch from C to C.UTF-8 on the builders and the default
   locale when none is selected in the installer.
 - A move to glibc 2.20 or 2.21, timing dependent.
 - Steady progress on the systemd transition, with a goal to
   switch over in the first half of the cycle.

Autosyncs will be running shortly, so give a little patience
to the buildd network as they work through the queue, and no
need to rush to sync your favourite package, it'll get there.

Lots of reports still point to utopic, and ISO builds aren't
on yet, but we'll sort both of those out in the coming days.

Happy hacking, happy uploading, and may all your vervets be
vivid.  Whatever a vervet is.

... Adam

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