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Ubuntu Kylin is going to be a 5 year LTS for Trusty. Our wiki page is:

Jack Yu
UbuntuKylin Team

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>Apparently I can't type... fixing the address of the release mailing-list.
>On Fri, Feb 21, 2014 at 10:43:01AM -0500, Stéphane Graber wrote:
>> Hey everyone,
>> First of all, sorry for getting to this so late, there has been a bit of
>> rotation in the TB since last time we went through this and I think
>> everyone forgot about that rather important part of a LTS cycle!
>> So for Ubuntu 12.04, the following flavours had LTS status:
>>  - Edubuntu - 5 years
>>  - Kubuntu - 5 years
>>  - Xubuntu - 3 years
>> While not on the original list, Mythbuntu has also been participating in
>> all point releases so far and shortly after the 12.04 release switched
>> to being LTS-only.
>> As I said in another thread on the TB mailing-list, I don't think we
>> need to go through all the paperwork and meetings we did last time as I
>> believe all of those flavours showed they're capable of dealing with the
>> load of an LTS release.
>> So flavour leads of Edubuntu, Kubuntu, Mythbuntu and Xubuntu, can you
>> please let me know by replying to this e-mail:
>>  - Whether you want LTS status this time around?
>>  - How long will you be supporting the source packages which aren't
>>    shared with Ubuntu itself?
>> If any other flavour is interested in LTS status for 14.04, please
>> prepare a wiki page similar to this one:
>> And get in touch with the Technical Board (separate thread please) so we
>> can review it and let you know our decision as soon as possible.
>> Thank you!
>Stéphane Graber
>Ubuntu developer
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