proposed-migration blocks for milestones

Scott Kitterman ubuntu at
Wed Sep 4 15:46:23 UTC 2013

Iain Lane <laney at> wrote:
>This cycle we've been blocking packages from migrating between
>saucy-proposed and saucy when milestone freezes have been going on. The
>first time I think Scott K manually generated a list of packages
>somehow, but after that I wrote a script that blocks everything on a
>flavour's images based on this being the most obvious and conservative
>thing to do.
>I think this is proving to be too heavyweight. Notably, it ends up
>blocking large parts of the base system.
>Let's come up with some new rules. Here are some initial ideas.
>  * (For alphas?) Don't block by default. If you want one, you have to
>    explicitly ask for it.
>  * You don't get to block packages for flavours not participating in
>    the milestone. That is, the block will be the union of the packages
>    on images of flavours participating minus the union of the packages
>    on images of flavours not participating.
>Also, having this beta freeze at a week feels a bit long. Perhaps it
>should start on the Monday of Beta 1 week instead.

I think a short, deep freeze is better than a longer, shallow freeze.

I'll counter suggest the same set of packages we freeze now (all the way down through the core), but freeze Tuesday for Alphas and Monday's for Betas. Flavor specific blocks could go in earlier if desired. 

Scott K

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