Download page updates for 13.04 release

Dmitrijs Ledkovs dmitrij.ledkov at
Mon Apr 8 11:33:58 UTC 2013

Dear all,

Here is some proposals to update various pages for the Raring release.

== Ubuntu Kylin promotion over Ubuntu Chinese localised image ==

* What text should be at the bottom banner on this page?

* What text should be at the download page linked from there?

Download "Ubuntu Kylin for Raring" only. Or two options: (a) Download
Ubuntu Kylin for Raring and (b) Download Ubuntu Chinese LTS?

The deadline for text changes to Ubuntu Chinese boxes/pages is Thursday
11th of April 9PM UTC.

== Wubi ==

Agreed changes:

*  Remove Windows Installer link from: (The big box)

* Keep Windows Installer link on: (The small link on the right hand

* Download/Instructions:
Offer LTS download only.
Emphasise that it's for Windows 7 and Vista only.

== Ubuntu Desktop ==

* Should LTS and Latest be flipped around, with LTS listed first? As Raring
will potentially get only 9 month support thus in Early October 2013 we
don't want people to download something that goes end of life in 3 months

* The window 8 warning box, might potentially become a more square info box
on the right hand side to better fit updated layout changes.

* Choose your flavour:

"32 bit (recommended)" => "32 bit"
"64 bit" => "64 (for latest machines)" (NOT FINAL, i.e. a more suggestive
messaging to choose 64 for newer machines)
32 bit stays the default.

I have asked to also look into browser detection to see if we can detect
64bit machines. And do something like "default to 64 bit, for install on
your current machine" vs 32 bit for other older machines.

We are at the tipping point since some new hardware only works with UEFI
64-bit images, while older hardware only works with 32-bit images.

== Ubuntu Server ==

* Do you want to flip and offer LTS as first box, and Raring as second box?
To match Ubuntu Desktop?

* Replace "12.10" to "13.04" & replace "Folsom" with "Grizzly". Otherwise
looks fine.

== Ubuntu for Arm ==

* Should the link to LTS be dropped? Rationale: precise images for ARM are
not marked with LTS support on the manifest & latest release images have
much better support for arm.

* Change the wording to drop "Marvell Armda-XP" as the kernel for armada
has been removed in raring see

== Ubuntu Cloud ==

* Will Grizzly be available in the cloud archive at Raring release?

== Ubuntu Cloud Archive ==

* Do we want a tweet size sentence (Less than 140 char) explanation what
Cloud archive is? Thus then it would match other download pages, which a
short intro/explanation box below the title.

Please reply with text suggestions, ACK, NACK as soon as possible to let
the website team to prepare the necessary amendments as soon as possible.


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