[Server] Release Meeting 2012-09-21

Antonio Rosales antonio.rosales at canonical.com
Fri Sep 21 04:18:20 UTC 2012

Status: http://status.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-quantal/#Servercloud

=== What was done engineering wise? ===
* [lxc] where do crashes in the container go (they're caught by the 
kernel core_pattern and sent to the host which fails to parse them as 
apport isn't lxc aware)
* [lxc]convert the test suite to utah
* [OpenStack QA] Write up tests to perform tests API
* [OpenStack] Add ceph support for nova volumes
* [OpenStack] Add ceph support for glance
* [OpenStack] cloud-archive in a blog post[0]
* [OpenAttestation] Package for Canonical partner archive
* [OpenAttestation] Charm written
* [OpenAttestation] UPSTREAM - fix issues with regards to separation 
between data and codebase
* [OpenAttestation] UPSTREAM - fix issues with regards to separation of 
configuration from codebase

=== What's about to land that might impact the other teams and release
as a whole? ===

=== Summary of bugs working on by team (reasonably reliable) ===
Active bugs server is tracking:

1049305: package glance-registry 
2012.1.3+stable~20120821-120fcf-0ubuntu1 failed to install/upgrade: 
sub-processo script post-installation instalado retornou estado de saída 
de erro 1
     -adam_g working on confirming bug. Currently unable to reproduce.

1049582: radosgw crash on armhf architecture
     -james-page captured full back trace. Triage still needed.

1046340: ntp package missing logcheck exceptions file 
     -New, still needs triaged.

1053543: novnc is missing its init script.
     -New, still needs triaged.

Other bugs worked:
[Bug 1051080] lxc-start-ephemeral hangs if bind mounting nfs homedir
[Bug 1040682] [MIR] ipmitool
[Bug 1043292] Hung agent processes
[Bug 1019290] stop lxc-net should do stop even when USE_LXC_BRIDGE="false"
[Bug 1050934] VM stops receiving packets on heavy load from virtio 
network interface briged to a bonded interface on kvm hypervisor
[Bug 1052614] Missing dependcy libipc-sharedcache-perl
[Bug 1040586] whois.ua: Cyrillic characters shown in wrong encoding
[Bug 1047531] Ubuntu 12.04 (Precise) guests can't boot on Ubuntu 10.04 
(Lucid) QEMU-KVM host
[Bug 1052707] ssh client ignores PasswordAuthentication no
[Bug 1052707] ssh client ignores PasswordAuthentication no
[Bug 973663] quota returns nothing on 12.04
[Bug 913809] smbd crashed with SIGABRT in rep_strlcpy()/null pointer in 
[Bug 1049177] isc-dhcp-server apparmor profile should have include ".d"

=== Dependencies on other teams to make deliverables, blocking items,


Antonio Rosales
Ubuntu Server & Cloud Workloads
Canonical Ltd

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