[Ubuntu One] Release Meeting 2012-09-14

Joshua Hoover joshua.hoover at canonical.com
Thu Sep 13 21:31:18 UTC 2012

=== What was done engineering wise? ===

 * Released new packages for u1 across the board
 * Removed ubuntuone-installer
 * Porting SSO client port to Python 3 continues with lots of automated
tests needing updated along the way to ensure regressions aren't introduced
 * Bug fixes

=== What's about to land that might impact the other teams and release
as a whole? ===

 * Bug 1042343 - [FFE] Ubuntu One integration with Q sync indicator -
May land Friday, September 14 but more likely won't be ready until
Tuesday, September 18.

=== Summary of bugs working on by team (reasonably reliable) ===

 * Bug:1050061 - ubuntu-sso-client: SSO Python module shouldn't use

=== Dependencies on other teams to make deliverables, blocking items,
release wide concerns? ===


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