[Foundations] Release Meeting 2012-09-07

Oliver Grawert ogra at ubuntu.com
Fri Sep 7 12:40:28 UTC 2012

== What was done engineering wise? ==

* some of the team attended linux plumbers
* finally got to the bottom of our retracer problems
* started counting the number of reports we receive for the combinations
  of package, release, version
* investigated efficient solutions to recording the First seen and Last 
  seen versions for each problem on a per-release level
* finally finished off the bug creation branch of lp:errors and merged 
  it in
* foundations-q-event-based-initramfs: fixed EventOperator collapsing 
  code to serialise start/stop on
* implemented upstart cross re-exec logger handling
* breaking & fixing ubiquity and dependencies 
* trianging loads of interesting bugs from jibel with respect to new & 
  existing ubiquity behaviour
* only little progress finishing manual LVM & Crypt , due to above
* preparation for event based initramfs in RR
* update both openjdk-6 and openjdk-7 to recent release
* debug and fix jamvm for openjdk-7
* package Avian, another jvm for x86, ARM and powerpc
* started icedtea-web update and bug triage
* look at webkit build failure on ARM with bzoltan
* fix nux, compiz and unity for GLES (over and over and over...)
* make beta work on arm
* beta testing
* pushed all the LXC Ubuntu delta in a git branch for merging upstream
* started looking at getting the rest of our custom scripts and changes 
  to upstream LXC too
* testing/fixing Edubuntu for 12.10 beta 1
* updated post-image-to-tracker in ubuntu-archive-tools to support 
  adding a note to builds
* updated post-qa on cdimage to add a warning in the note field of 
  oversized builds
* not nearly as much progress on XDG_RUNTIME_DIR as intended; mountall 
  support is in the queue, but the new PAM module is not uploaded yet
* making some progress on multiarch SRU reviews: libart-lgpl accepted, 
  libgnome being reviewed
* working on getting Red Hat shim packaged, for our first-stage non-GPL 
  SB bootloader
* panda board Google OnAir session 
* started working on updating python3 spreadsheet and evaluating work to
  be done for r-cycle
* cleaned up a good fraction of the outstanding ~ubuntu-archive bugs
* pushed the libglew1.8 and libtiff5 transitions some of the way up the 
  hill, prompted by various bits of NBS
* fixed what I believe was the last major regression from the live-build
  apocalypse, namely a failure of livecd-rootfs to put iso-hybrid images
  in the right place
* fixed a regression in my python-debian Python 3 port (Debian bug 
* packaging GRUB 2.00
* assistance with 12.10 beta-1 preparation, e.g. bug 987418

== What's about to land that might impact the other teams? ==

* the XDG_RUNTIME_DIR implementation

== Summary of bugs working on by team (reasonably reliable) ==

bug 917903 "ubuntu general hook doesn't know how to read .gz files"
bug 919956 "Apport hook breaks with Pyhton2 due to non-ASCII character" 
bug 1043862 "gsettings-data-convert crashed with signal 5 in 
bug 1043449 "duplicate for #1043867 package postgresql-client-9.1 
            9.1.5-1 failed to install/upgrade"
bug 1043538 "[0831CTO, Conexant CX20585, Pink Mic, Right] No sound at 
bug 1045548 "launchpad id rename confused status.ubuntu.com"
bug 987418 "manual partitioner: /dev/sdb (installation media) selected 
           by default as device for boot loader installation"
bug 1045579 "software-properties-gtk makes a change resulting in a conf 
            file prompt on upgrade that's unnecessary"
bug 1045588 "release upgrader asks to remove the last known working 
bug 1017001 "package resolvconf 1.63ubuntu14 failed to install/upgrade: 
            ErrorMessage: pre-dependency problem - not installing 
bug 946406 "suspect race condition Keyboard layout, oem-config not set 
           on persistent USB image"
bug 1027648 "ubiquity crashed with ValueError in command(): I/O 
            operation on closed file." 
bug 1037757 "flash-kernel-installer is not creating an initial 
            preEnv.txt during installation"
bug 154086 "Installing to HDD with previous ubuntu fails to create fresh
           LVM claiming group already in use"
bug 984276 "installing casper on a non live system causes 
           update-initramfs to fail"
bug 1015567 "upgrade failed: mixed non-coinstallable and coinstallable 
             package instances present"
bug 433897 "at boot, the font is not set by the upstart job"

== Dependencies on other teams, blocking items ==

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