ubuntu-default-settings and effects on flavors or remixes

Jeremy Bicha jbicha at ubuntu.com
Thu Sep 6 14:09:12 UTC 2012

As discussed at UDS Oakland, the Desktop Team is moving many of its
custom settings (gsettings overrides) to a separate package,
ubuntu-default-settings. This should reduce our diff with Debian GNOME
packages, and it should make it easier for derivatives to ship the
GNOME defaults without needing to override an override.

I wanted to make sure the other flavors were aware of this, since
settings will be reverting back to the GNOME defaults unless
overriden. For instance, Ubuntu Studio uses Totem so they may wish to
copy Ubuntu's active-plugins (ie. default enabled plugins) setting or
customize it for their needs. They'll probably want the
gnome-settings-daemon overrides too. Since Edubuntu is a superset of
ubuntu-desktop, they won't be affected.

The current list of Ubuntu overrides is at

Also, it's possible to override schemas that aren't installed. As an
example, we are overriding Epiphany's default search provider string
to include "client=Ubuntu" even though Epiphany is not installed by
default in Ubuntu.

Tracking bug is http://pad.lv/1039792 I don't know if this needs a FFe
since the process started before Feature Freeze but admittedly it
didn't make it very far along (stuck in the new queue).


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