Desktop updates to consider for beta1?

Sebastien Bacher seb128 at
Sat Sep 1 10:50:18 UTC 2012

Hey release team,

Here is a status update from desktop:

* we finally landed the unity stack, sorry for the delay and thanks for 
accepting it, it looks like the stack can be copied to "quantal" (from 
proposed) at this point (I prefer to let the release team to do it so 
I'm not sure what the copy rules are during the freeze)

* we would appreciate if those upates could be considered as well for beta1:
- indicator-session: it has some UI tweaks and we would like feedback 
early on that (bugs linked in the changelog are UIFe ones)
- indicator-messages: it should be a no-op compared to what we have for 
most user but it adds some extra api that are needed for the webapp 
integration work going on, as well as documentation which should help 
the porting of the client apps
- system-coonfig-printer: it includes some fixes

* the libreoffice update from yesterday failed to build on amd64, we 
uploaded a fixed version, Bjoern described the issue we had with testing 
in the changelog (basically we need to mangle the build on ppas due to 
disk use limitation in place on those builders), the new version got 
tested locally by Bjoern and we are confident it fixes the problem from 
the previous version

Thanks for considering those,

Sebastien Bacher

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